Sky Diving The Swiss Alps

Sky-Diving the Swiss Alps was on my Bucket List, so we flew to Switzerland.

At Interlaken, they told me the plane was full.

It was our last day.

I walked into a pizza shop across the street and announced to no one and everyone: “I’m tryin’ to sky dive the Alps but their plane’s full across the street. Anybody know another way for me to jump today!?”

A man walks out from behind closed doors and says: “I can get you up there. But it’s not a plane, it’s a helicopter. You cool with that?”


He pulls out his phone, “Gimme a minute” he says, and walks away.

2 minutes later he walks out and says “Van’ll be outside in 15 minutes. Be ready”

And now we’re off.

We chartered a helicopter up and through the mountains, high and tight up and over the Swiss Alps, hovering at 15,000 feet for a while, just staring down, suspended in between the lakes.

And then we jumped.

And you should, too.

For it was glorious.

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